Bureaucracy is a Huge Pain with Real Costs

February 4th, 2013

Waiting In LineThis is an interesting article that summarizes my feelings about the modern Progressive movement and the resulant bureaucracies from Walter Russell Mead:

Slate’s Matt Yglesias Sings the Blue Model Blues

Here is Matt Yglesias’s original article about his struggle to get a simple business permit:

Starting a Business Is a Huge Pain

The main point of both of these articles, and of my struggle to get a simple permit to build my house, is that all of this red tape and bureaucracy that has been erected over the years, (with the best of intentions), has created a situation where the individual loses, society as a whole loses, and the only winners are the entrenched bureaucracy whose power grows and grows at the expense of the ordinary citizen and of our elected officials.

And, by the way, my company’s new office in Austin Texas is up and running with 6 new employees, with more employees to come in the next couple of months. There was some hassle in dealing with the landlord of the historic office building that we are renting, but the city of Austin and the state of Texas couldn’t have been any nicer to deal with. In fact, I have an invitation to meet with the governor of Texas, Rick Perry, when I finally travel to Austin myself. Apparently Rick loves to meet with any new business that is moving to Texas, especially if they are coming from California.

And here is Victor Davis Hanson on the end of California:

California at Twilight




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